Buddha Jayanti 2566 celebration in Tokyo

Newa international forum Japan organized the Buddha Jayanti 2566 celebration at Japan Theravada Buddhist Associations, Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

The Buddha Jayanti was held on May 22nd 2022 Sunday and the program was scheduled as below Flyer.

The program was held in Morning and Afternoon session. Morning session includes opening ceremony with the welcome speech and offerings to the Buddha.

The Afternoon session consists of pray for the world peace, Punyanumodana which is spiritual exercises that comprise anuttara puja, also known as “supreme worship”.

Punyanumodana comes from the Sanskrit, Punya is virtue and refers to action that elevate a person and have positive outcomes. Anumodana is acceptance.

Also a brief dharma deshana, known as teachings from Buddhist monks were also held.

The program was concluded with the brief meditation for the spiritual refreshment.

Attendees group picture.

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